Books and Pamphlets by Francis Galton

All of Galton's major works are available here, usually in facsimile (page image) form, and sometimes in text form, with the original page numbering preserved.  Most of the numerous pamphlets published by Galton are not listed here - see the Collected Works for a bibliographical listing of these with facsimiles.


The Telotype: a Printing Electric Telegraph
(John Weale, 1849)

Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South Africa 
(Murray, 1853)

The Art of Travel
(Murray: 1855; 1856; 1860; 1867; 1872)

Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1860
Edited by Francis Galton (Macmillan, 1861)

Vacation Notes and Tourists of Travel in 1861
Edited by Francis Galton (Macmillan, 1862)

Vacation Notes and Tourists of Travel in 1862-3
Edited by Francis Galton (Macmillan, 1864)

(Macmillan, 1863)

The Knapsack Guide for Travellers in Switzerland
(Murray, 1864)

Vacation Notes and Tourists of Travel in 1862-3
Edited by Francis Galton (Macmillan, 1864)

Hereditary Genius  
(Macmillan, 1869; Second edition of 1892)

English Men of Science  
(Macmillan, 1874)

Hints to Travellers
(Royal Geographical Society, Fourth Edition 1878, Fifth Edition 1883)

Inquiries into Human Faculty  
(Macmillan 1883, Second Edition, Everyman, 1907)

Life History Album of ...
(Macmillan, 1884, Second Edition, 1902)

Record of Family Faculties
(Macmillan, 1884)

Natural Inheritance  
(Macmillan, 1889)

Finger Prints
(Macmillan, 1892)

Decipherment of Blurred Finger Prints
(Macmillan, 1893)

Fingerprint Directories
(Macmillan, 1895)

Index to Achievements of Near-Kinsfolk of Some of the  Fellows of the Royal Society
(R. Clay and Sons, 1904)

Noteworthy Families (with Edgar Schuster)
(John Murray, 1906) 

Probability: the Foundation of Eugenics
(Oxford, 1907)

Memories of My Life
(Methuen, 1908)

Essays in Eugenics
(Eugenics Education Society, London: 1909)


Catalogue of Models and Specimens [Illustrative of the Arts of Camp Life]
(T. Brettell, 1858).

Address to the Anthropological Department of the British Association, Plymouth, 1877.
(William Clowes, 1877)

Psychometric Experiments.
(William Clowes, 1879)

Generic Images.
(William Clowes, 1879)

A Descriptive List of Anthropometric Apparatus
(Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, 1887)

Anthropometric Laboratory.  Notes and Memoirs No. 1
(Richard Clay, 1890)