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The intention of the editor is to make everything that Galton wrote available here, usually in facsimile format. If you are able to provide material by Galton, even if only in hard-copy form, that is not already available here, please contact the editor. Many of the sources of Galton material are extremely difficult to access, even in major research libraries.

The site now runs to some 2 gigabytes of digitized material and is considered complete, though minor updates may be added where new discoveries are made. Effort long ago shifted to producing a major new biography of Galton, which will be released shortly.

Anything provided here may be redistributed or reused freely provided that credit is given to this site.

See also the associated sites: butoniana.org (Sir Richard Francis Burton) and jbshaldane.org (JBS Haldane FRS).

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Frank Carter's sketch of Galton