Life History Album of ...

Francis Galton
Macmillan, 1884 (Second Edition, 1902)

Galton edited a small book that was intended as a sort of anthropometric diary, in which an individual could keep personal records of scientific value, including height and weight over the course of life, as well as photographs at all age ranges, tests of vision and so on.  The book was actually put together by a committee, and was, as Galton states in the preface, due in large part to his collaborator, Dr. Mahomed.  Galton had previously worked with Mahomed on composite portraits of tuberculosis patients.  Unfortunately Mahomed succumbed to typhoid fever, which he had been specializing in, at a relatively young age. 

The edition of 1902 presented here was substantially revised by Galton, but he was not satisfied with either version. The book simply  repeats sections for various age ranges, as it was intended for use as an album of observations, so only the first age range is presented here.  The graph paper provided at the end of the book is also omitted.

A facsimile of non-repetitive sections of the book is provided in PDF format (~2 Mb) by