Vacation Notes and Tourists of Travel in 1861

Edited by Francis Galton
Macmillan, 1862

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Galton edited this volume but only contributed a preface.


Preface by Francis Galton

I. Weir, Archibald.
St. Petersburg and Moscow.

II. Marshall, William.
The country of Schamyl.

III. Tozer, H.F.
The monks of Mount of Athos.

IV. Young, Charles.
The Amazon, and Rio Madeira.

V. Collinson, Richard.
Nine weeks in Canada.

VI. Gelkie, Sir Archibald.
Geological notes on Auverge.

VIII. Seeman, B.C.
Fiji and its inhabitants.

IX. Durrant, William.
The Kru coast, Cape Palmas,  and the Niger.

X. Grove, Sir George.
Nabloos and the Samaritans.

XI. Sebright, G.M.M. (Mackenzie)
Christmas in Montenegro.