The Collected Published Works of Francis Galton

All of Francis Galton's scientific papers, essays, books and other published matter, some 500 items, are republished here, usually in facsimile form.

Principal works.

Complete works.

For recently added works which are not yet hyperlinked from the bibliography, see the news page for details.  Previously uncollected or unnoticed items are actively added all the time.

Most of this work is searchable, through OCR recognition, the accuracy of which varies depending on the quality of the facsimile used.

A selection of Contemporary Reviews of Galton's works has also been assembled.

Since Galton published extensively in many obscure places (e.g. Homing News and Pigeon Fancier's Journal), this bibliography is undoubtedly still incomplete.  Many mistakes in existing bibliographies (e.g. Forrest, 1974, Blacker, 1952) have been corrected and there are now very substantial additions by  Major indexes of Victorian periodical literature (e.g. Poole) have been consulted and double-checked.  Hence this is currently, as far as is known, the best available bibliography of Galton's work. 

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