Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1862-3

Edited by Francis Galton
Macmillan, 1864

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Galton only contributed a preface to this volume.


Preface by Francis Galton.

 I. Tristram, H. B. A.
A winter ride in Palestine.

II. Bertram, J. G.
Fish culture in France.

III. Kennedy, C. M.
The Turks of Constantinople.

IV. Gordon, Lucie Austin, Lady Duff.
Letters from the cape.

V. Clark, W. G.

VI. Powell, David.
The republic of Paraguay.

VII. Tyrwhitt, R.S.

VIII. Lubbock, E.F. (Hordern) Lady.
The ancient shell-mounds of Denmark.

IX. Mayo, Charles.
The medical service of the federal army.

X. Greive, W.T.
The church and the people of Servia.

XI. Gordon, Sir A.H.
Wilderness journeys in New Brunswick.