Historic Works on Fingerprints

For Francis Galton's pioneering contributions, see fingerprints at galton.org.  Important contributions by others are also made available here in full-text facsimile form.

E. R. Henry  Classification and Uses of Fingerprints
(Routledge: London, 1900).
Complete PDF Facsimile. (~4.5 MB)

Henry Faulds Guide to Fingerprint Identification
(Wood, Mitchell and Co., 1905).
Complete PDF Facsimile (~3.5MB)

Henry Faulds Dactylography, or the Study of Finger-prints
(Halifax, Milner and Co.: London, 1912).
Complete PDF Facsimile. (~ 7.5 MB)

Sir William Herschel The Origin of Finger-Printing
(Oxford University Press: London, 1916).
Complete PDF Facsimile. (~ 2.8 MB)

Henry Faulds A Manual of Practical Dactylography
(Police Review: London, 1923).
Complete PDF Facsimile. (~ 9.5 MB)