Vacation Notes and Tourists of Travel in 1860

Edited by Francis Galton
Macmillan, 1861

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Galton recalled in his Memories (1908, 186-7):

Mr. Alexander Macmillan asked me in the later fifties to undertake the editorship of a volume to be called Vacation Tourists, which would be repeated annually if the venture succeeded. His view was that many able young men travelled every summer, each of whom would have enough to say to make a good article, and that a collection of their contributions would suffice for an interesting annual volume. I  consented, and found the occupation very agreeable, for it put me into pleasant communication with many whom it was a privilege to know, but excision was often an unwelcome duty. Thus among the many contributions offered for one of the volumes, I had thirteen separate descriptions of sea-sickness. The venture paid its way, but no more, and was discontinued after the third volume.

The book was at first to be titled "Cambridge Tourists in 1860", according to a notice in the Times (November 24 1860).