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Feb 17, 2017.

  • JBS Haldane was a Galtonian for at least part of his influential career. See my latest project at JBS Haldane FRS 1892-1964 for a full bibliography and many facsimiles of his works. I have also completed a book on Haldane which will be published there soon.

May 19/2015.

  • Three new articles on Galton and George Darwin by Chris Pritchard. See scholarship.

Jan. 14/2015.

  • Just published: a reanalysis of fraud charges levelled at the noted Galtonian Sir Cyril Burt. Intelligence Volume 49, March�April 2015, Pages 32�43. From the abstract: "In the last comprehensive review by Mackintosh et al. Cyril Burt, Fraud or Framed? (London: Oxford University Press, 1995) of the fraud charges posthumously leveled against the once eminent psychologist Sir Cyril Burt, Mackintosh and Mascie-Taylor asserted that statistical anomalies they detected in his social mobility data of 1961 provided crucial evidence of guilt. The anomalies included apparent departures from normality in some parts of the data, incommensurate cell totals, and suspicious uniformity within IQ bands across fathers and sons. It is shown here that the departures from normality were a natural consequence of unavoidable rounding when inverting the cumulative normal distribution to construct the class IQ bands used in the tables. Elementary procedures are given, known since at least the 1930s, which could have been used by Burt to simultaneously preserve both the normality of his IQ data and the desired population proportions of occupational classes. Other anomalies first noticed by the statistician Donald Rubin are explainable as artifacts produced by fixing marginal totals in the presence of rounding to IQ scores, then using the same weighting procedures to conform to margins. The grounds given by Mackintosh and Mascie-Taylor for finding fraud in Burt's social mobility data are therefore dismissed."

Nov. 12/07.

Nov. 07/07.

Oct. 29/07.

Aug. 02/07.

  • Added the newly discovered letter from Galton, "Dermal Topography", in The American Anthropologist 1, 188: 177.  This is one of Galton's earliest published mentions of fingerprints.

Jul. 31/07.

Jul. 30/07.

  • Added the newly discovered letter "Organic Stability" in Science New Series 1 (18) May 3, 1895: 482-3.
  • Added the newly discovered article "Useful Anthropometry" in the Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education 1891.
  • Added the newly discovered review by Galton, "A German Manual of Scientific Enquiry" Nature 11 (278) February 25, 1875: 321-2.

Jul. 29/07:

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Jul.  23/07:

Dec. 28/05:

Dec. 03/05:

  • The site has been moved to a hosting facility with high-speed internet connections.  The preferred name is now
  • Numerous papers from the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, all of them previously unlisted, have been added. 
  • All previously uncollected papers from the French Revue Scientifique have been added in facsimile form.  These include some previously unlisted items.
    Search is now integrated in the left hand corner in the header for all pages.  Type the terms and hit enter.
  • Other miscellaneous bibliographical additions and corrections.

Sep. 19/05:

  • Turned up another scarce pamphlet,  Anthropometric Laboratory: Arranged by Francis Galton. (1884) "Such is the ease of working the instruments that a person can be measured in these respects, and a card containing the results furnished to him, and a duplicate made and preserved for statistical purposes, at a total cost of 3d."

June 20/05:

June 14/05:

  • Added contributions by Galton to the (elegantly titled) compendium  Katalog Mathematische und Mathematisch-Physikalischer Modelle, Apparate und Instrumente (Van Dyck, Munich: 1892) on the Quincunx, Trace Computer of Vapour Tension, and Pantagraph.  These are German translations, prepared by an instrument maker for the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, of the currently unobtainable Galton articles in the Reports of the Meteorological Committee of the Royal Society from 1869 onwards.  One of the items in this collection was referred to by Pearson, others were not and seem to have slipped notice: all have been omitted from all previous bibliographies.  One could infer from the catalog that the Quincunx was commercially manufactured, in Germany at least.  Perhaps, slumbering in an attic somewhere in Bavaria ... .

June 9/05:

  • New edition of the rare book Meteorographica (1863) with greatly improved fidelity.  Galton had the remaining copies of this book destroyed by Macmillan when he joined the Meteorological Council (according to the Macmillans correspondence with Galton now held in the British Library).

June 7/05:

May 22/05:

May 19/05:

May 18/05:

May 17/05:

May 16/05:

February 05/05:

February 04/05:

January 14/05:

  • Added a complete facsimile of Galton's first publication The Telotype (1849) and a facsimile of the original map of Damaraland prepared by Galton.

November 03/04:

October 24/04:

April 5/04:

April 2004:

April 2004:

March 2004:

  • Added review of Raymond Fancher's paper on Galton's African Ethnography.

December 2003:

  • Added new bibliography system, with a batch of previously unknown letters to the Times, and other new discoveries. Also added a new Reviews section.

December 2003:

  • Added some missing letters from the Times (many more will be added soon) and other papers, and made the catalogue of the Galton papers searchable.

November 2003:

October 2003:

September 2003:

September 2003:

  • Added numerous scientific papers etc. by Galton not previously published here. Consult the bibliography for details - and note that several previously unknown items have been added to the bibliography.
  • Added first online edition of Record of Family Faculties.
  • Added ability to browse books online, by screen-resolution page image.  This way books can be read without first downloading the entire high-quality PDF files, which are typically very large.  For print-quality, use the PDF files. For example, Pearson's Life can now be browsed by page image.

August 2003:

  • Added a very high-quality facsimile version of Volume 2 of  Pearson's Life of Galton.

June 2003:

  • Added very high-quality facsimile versions of Volume 3 and Volume 1 of Pearson's Life of Galton.

January 2003:

  • Added full-text search capability for all of Galton's books.

November 2, 2002:

October 18, 2002: 

  • Review of Gerald Sweeney Fighting for the Good Cause: Reflections on Francis Galton's Legacy to American Hereditarian Psychology  (APS, 2001)

October 14, 2001:

  • Added several reviews  of Galton's work from the Victorian periodical press.

The Reading Room of the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London
Galton was elected to the club, which had a literary-scientific reputation,  in 1855.
Other members included Dickens and Charles Darwin.

The South Library of the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London.
Galton made extensive use of the library.


The Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London.
The building was designed by Decimus Burton in 1824.

Athena, exterior of the The Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London.

Exterior of the Athenaeum Club from the Crimean War Monument.

Entrance Hall, Athenaeum Club.
(Athenaeum Images courtesy of the Victorian Web)


Plaque outside 42 Rutland Gate.


Galton's brother Erasmus (1815-1909, courtesy Loxton website)