Memories of My Life

Francis Galton

(London: Methuen, 1908)
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The following chapters have been transcribed:

  • Chapter III Medical Studies

    First experience - Tour with Mr. Bowman - Birmingham Hospital - Accidents - Sense of pain - King's College - Professor R. Partridge and others - Escape from drowning

  • Chapter IX South-West Africa

    Royal Geographical Society - Ch. J. Andersson - Cape Town - Walfish Bay - Reach Damara Land - Hans - Negotiations with Namaqua chiefs - Revs. Rath and Hahn - Wagons brought up

  • Chapter X Lands of the Damaras, Ovampo, and Namaquas

    Size of caravan - Horrors of savagedom - Ovambonde - To the Ovampo on ride - oxen - Back to Damara land - Journey in Namaqua land - Bushmen - Large game - Back to Walfish Bay - Home - Medal of Royal Geographical Society, and election to Athenaum Club under Rule II.

  • Chapter XVI Kew Observatory and Meteorology

    General Sir E. Sabine--Sextants and watches--Now merged into National Physical Laboratory--Meteorological Committee, subsequently Council of the Board of Trade - Self-recording instruments, reduction of their tracings--Henry Smith
    [Transcription incomplete]

  • Chapter XX Heredity

    Early inquiries -- Hereditary Genius--English Men of Science-Family records--Nature and Nurture--Experiments on Free Will --Pangenesis and transfusion of blood--Heredity concerned with deviations--Experiments on peas -- Regression--Ancestral law

  • Chapter XXI Race Improvement

    Eugenics -- Passages from my early writings -- Original sin -- Breeding dogs for intelligence -- Great extension of my work by Professor Karl Pearson -- Eugenics laboratory -- Duty towards race improvement

The following review was written by C.E Gehlke (Political Science Quarterly, 1910).

Routes followed during Galton's travels 
in Egypt, the Sudan and Palestine


Galton's Travels in South West Africa, which
launched his scientific career.

Galton as criminal, aged 71.
Taken in Paris, 1893, during a visit 
to the Criminal Identification Laboratory 
of the French criminologist Bertillon.