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Mental Imagery
the others, but the latter come out clearly if attention be paid to them.
Last Quartile.—Dim, certainly not comparable to the actual
scene. I
have to think separately of the several things on the table to bring them
clearly before the mind’s eye, and when I think of some things the others
fade away in confusion.
Last Octile.—Dim and not comparable in brightness to the real scene.
Badly defined, with blotches of light; very incomplete; very little of one
object is seen at one time.
Last Suboctile.—I
am very rarely able to recall any object whatever
with any sort of distinctness. Very occasionally an object or image will
recall itself, but even then it is more like a generalised image than an
individual one. I seem to be almost destitute of visualising power as under
Lowest.—My powers are zero. To my consciousness there is almost no
association of memory with objective visual impressions. I recollect the
table, but do not see it.
I next proceed to colour, as specified in the third of my questions, and
annex a selection from the returns classified on the same principle as in
the preceding paragraph.
Highest.—Perfectly distinct, bright, and natural.
First Suboctile.White cloth, blue china, argand coffee-pot, buff
stand with sienna drawing, toast—all clear.
First Octile. All details seen perfectly.
First Quartile. —Colours distinct and natural till I begin to puzzle over
Fairly distinct, though not certain that they are
accurately recalled.
Last Quartile. Natural, but very indistinct.
Last Octile.
—Faint; can only recall colours by a special effort for
Last Suboctile. Power is nil.
Lowest. Power is nil.
It may seem surprising that one out of every sixteen persons who are
accustomed to use accurate expressions should speak of their mental
imagery as perfectly clear and bright; Previous page Top Next page