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List of Memoirs
Future Generations (Journal of Statistical Society); Hereditary Improvement (Fraser’s
Magazine); Africa for the Chinese (Times, June 5); 1875: Statistics by Intercomparison
(Philosophical Magazine); Twins, as a Criterion of the Relative Power of Nature and
Nurture (Fraser’s Magazine, and Journal of Anthropological Institute); 1876: Whistles for
Determining the Upper Limits of Audible Sound (S. Kensington Conferences, in connection
with the Loan Exhibition of Scientific Instruments, p. 61); 1877: Presidential Address to the
Anthropological Department of the British Association at Plymouth (Report of British
Association); 1878: Composite Portraits (Nature, May 23, and Journal of Anthropological
Institute); 1879: Psychometric Experiments (Nineteenth Century, and Brain, part vi.);
Generic Images (Nineteenth Century; Proceedings of Royal Institution, with plates);
Geometric Mean in Vital and Social Statistics (Proceedings of Royal Society); 1880:
Visualised Numerals (Nature, Jan. 15 and March 25, and Journal of Anthropological
Institute); Mental Imagery (Fortnightly Review; Mind); 1881: Visions of Sane Persons
(Fortnightly Review, and Proceedings of Royal Institution); Composite Portraiture (Journal
of Photographical Society of Great Britain, June 24); 1882: Physiognomy of Phthisis
(Guy’s Hospital Reports, vol. xxv.); Photographic Chronicles from Childhood to Age
(Fortnightly Review); The Anthropometric Laboratory (Fortnightly Review); 1883: Some
Apparatus for Testing the Delicacy of the Muscular and other Senses (Journal of
Anthropological Institute, 1883, etc.).
1901: Huxley Lecture, Anthropological Institute (Nature, Nov. 1901); Smithsonian Report
for 1901 (Washington,
p. 523); 1904: Eugenics, its Definition, Scope and Aims
(Sociological Papers, vol. I, Sociological Institute); 1905: Restrictions in Marriage, Studies
in National Eugenics, Eugenics as a Factor in Religion (Sociological Papers, vol. II); 1907:
Herbert Spencer Lecture, University of Oxford, on Probability the Foundation of Eugenics.
The following books by the author have been referred or alluded to in
the following pages
1853: Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South-Western Africa (Murray); 1854: Art of
Travel (several subsequent editions, the last in 1872, Murray); 1869: Hereditary Genius, its
Laws and Consequences (Macmillan); 1874: English Men of Science, their Nature and their
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