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vi.]   DATA.   77

Alfred, 16 Suffolk Square, Cheltenham ; Lawrie, Mrs., 1 Chesham Place, S.W. ; Leveson-Gower, G. W. G., Titsey Place, Limpsfield, Surrey ; Lobb, H. W., 66 Russell Square, W. ; McConnell, Miss M. A. Bruoklands, Prestwich, Manchester ; Marshall, Mrs., Fenton Hall, Stoke-upon-Trent; Meyer, Mrs., 1 Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol; Milinan, Mrs., The Governor's House, H.M. Prison, Camden Road ; Olding, Mrs. W. 4 Brunswick Road, Brighton, Sussex ; Passinghain, Mrs., Milton, Cambridge ; Pringle, Mrs. Fairnalie, Fox Grove Road, Beckenham, Kent ; Reeve, Miss, Foxholes, Christchurch, Hants ; Scarlett, Mrs., Boscomb Manor, Bournemouth ; Shand, William, 57 Caledonian Road, N.; Shaw, Cecil E., Wellington Park, Belfast; Sizer, Miss Kate T., Moorlands, Great Huntley, Colchester; Smith, Miss A. M. Carter, Thistleworth, Stevenage ; Smith, Rev. Edward S., Viney Hall Vicarage, Blakeney, Gloucestershire ; Smith, Mrs. F. P., Clitie House, Sheffield ; Staveley, Edw. S. R., Mill Hill School, N. W. ; Sturge, Miss Mary W., 17 Frederick Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham ; Terry, Mrs., Tostock, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk; Utley, W. 11. Alliance Hotel, Cathedral Gates, Manchester ; Weston, Mrs. Ensleigh, Lansdown, Bath ; Wodehouse, Mrs. E. R. 56 Chester Square, S.W.

The material in these Records is sufficiently varied to be of service in many inquiries. The chief subjects to which allusion will be made in this book concern Stature, Eye-Colour, Temper, the Artistic Faculty, and some forms of Disease, but others are utilized that refer to Marriage Selection and Fertility.

The following remarks in this Chapter refer almost wholly to the data of Stature.

The data derived from the Records of Family Faculties will be hereafter distinguished by the letters R.F.F. I was able to extract from them the statures of 205 couples of parents, with those of an aggregate of 030 of their adult children of both sexes. I must repeat that when dealing with the female statures, I transmuted them to their male equivalents ; and treated them when thus' transmuted, oil equal terms with the measures of males,