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Feversham Terrace, York; Cust, Lady Elizabeth, 13 Eccleston Square, S.W.; Fry, Edward, Portsmouth, 5 The Grove, Highgate, N. ; Gibson, G. A., MD,, I Randolph Cliff, Edinburgh ; Gidley, B. Courtenay, 17 Ribblesdale Road, Hornsey, N. ; Gillespie, Franklin, M.D., 1 The Grove, Aldershot ; GriffithBoscawen, Mrs., Trevalyn Hall, Wrexham ; Hardeastle, Henry, 38 Eaton Square, S.W.; Harrison, Miss Edith, 68 Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W. ; Hobbouse, Mrs. 4 Kensington Square, W. ; Holland, Miss, Ivymeath, Snodland, Kent ; Hollis, George, Dartmouth House, Dartmouth Park Hill, N.; Ingram, Mrs. Ades, Chailey, Lewis, Sussex ; Johnstone, Miss C. L., 3 Clarendon Place, Leamington ; Lane-Poole, Stanley, 6 Park Villas East, Richmond, Middlesex ; Leathley, D. W. B., 59 Lincoln's Inn Fields (in trust for a competitor who desires her name not to be published) ; Lewin, Lieutenant-Colonel T. H., Colway Lodge, Lyme Regis ; Lipscomb, R. H., East Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton, Devon ; Malden, Henry C., Windlesham House, Brighton ; Malden, Henry Elliot, Kitland, Holmwood, Surrey ; McCall, Hardy Bertram, 5 St. Augustine's Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham ; Moore, Miss Georgina M., 45 Chepstow Place, Bayswater, W.; Newlands, Mrs., Raeden, near Aberdeen ; Pearson, David R., M.D., 23 Upper Philimore Place, Kensington, %V.; Pearson, Mrs., The Garth, Woodside Park, North Finchley : Pechell, Hervey Charles, 6 West Chapel Street, Curzon Street, W. ; Roberts, Samuel, 21 Roland Gardens, S.W. ; Smith, Mrs. Archiba'.d, Riverbank, Putney, S.W. ; Strachey, Mrs. Fowey Lodge, Clapham Common, S.W. ; Sturge, Miss Mary C., Chilliswood, Tyndall's Park, Bristol; Sturge, Mrs. R. F., 101 Pembroke Road, Clifton; Wilson, Edward T., M.D., Westall, Cheltenham.


Allan, Francis J., M.D., 1 Dock Street, E.; Atkinson, Mrs., Clare College Lodge, Cambridge ; Bevan, Mrs., Plumpton House, Bury St. Edmunds ; Browne, Miss, Maidenwell House, Louth, Lincolnshire ; Cash, Frederick Goodall, Gloucester ; Chisholm, Mrs., Church Lane House, Haslemere, Surrey ; Collier, Airs. R., 7 Thames Embankment, Chelsea ; Croft, Sir Herbert G. D., Lugwardine Court, Hereford ; Davis, Mrs. (care of Israel Davis, 6 King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C.) ; Drake, Henry H., The Firs, Lee, Kent ; Ercke, J. J. G., 13, Brownhill Road, Catford, S.E. ; Flint, Fenner Ludd, 83 Brecknock Road, N.; Ford, William, 4 South Square, Gray's Inn, W.C. ; Foster, Rev. A. J., The Vicarage, Wootton, Bedford ; Glanville-Richards, W. V. S., 23 Endsleigh Place, Plymouth ; Hale, C. D. Bowditch, 8 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W.; Horder, Mrs. Mark, Rotbenwood, Ellen Grove, Salisbury ; Jackson, Edwin, 79 Withington Road, Whalley Range, Manchester ; Jackson, George, 1 St. George's Terrace, Plymouth ; Kesteven, W. H., 401 Holloway Road, N. ; Lawrence, Mrs.