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Are any peculiarities either very uniformly developed, or also very irregularly developed among yourself, your brothers and sisters, or in the family of your father, or in that of your mother ?

State the number of males and that of the females in each of the following degrees of relationship who have attained 30 years of age, or thereabouts :-Grandparents, both sides ; parents, uncles and aunts, both sides ; brothers and sisters ; first-cousins of all four descriptions ; nephews and nieces. In each of these several degrees of relationship, state the names of those who have occupied prominent positions or written well-known works, or who from any other cause may be considered as public characters. State their principal achievements, mention the best biographies, and the most useful among the scattered biographical notices that may exist of them ; terms of award of medals, &c. Also, in each of the above degrees of relationship, give the number (with initials or names) of those whose ability in any respect was considerable, but who did not become public characters (fuller information to be sent on a separate paper). Similar information is acceptable concerning other more remote degrees of relationship. Brief notes concerning hereditary peculiarities of any kind in your family, bodily or mental, would be acceptable. How many brothers and