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tinctive in the figure, &c. (spare, symmetrical, muscular, &c.) ? Colour of hair? Complexion (if remarkably fair, dark, ruddy, pale, sallow, &c.)? Temperament, if distinctly nervous, sanguine, bilious, or lymphatic? Measurement round inside of rim of your hat ? Energy of body, if remarkable ; as shown by power of activity, power of enduring fatigue, restlessness, requiring but little sleep (state how much), early rising, adventures, travel, mountaineering, &c. (give a few facts) ? Energy of mind, if remarkable ; as shown by power of accomplishing a large amount of brain work, by the vigorous pursuit of interests, whatever they may be, &c. (give a few facts) ? Retentiveness of memory (give facts) ? Studiousness of disposition and mental receptivity, as shown by large acquirements ? Independence of judgment in social political, or religious matters (give illustrations) ? Originality or eccentricity of character (give illustrations) ? Special talents, as for mechanism, practical business habits, music, mathematics, &c.? Strongly marked mental peculiarities, bearing on scientific success, and not specified above : the following list may serve to suggest-'impulsiveness, steadiness, strong feelings and partisanship, social affections, religious bias of thought, love of the new and marvellous, curiosity about facts, love of pursuit, constructiveness of imagination, foresight, public spirit, disinterestedness.