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sisters had you older than yourself, and how many younger?

How long were you at small schools, large schools, universities, and at what ages ? Name or place of school or university, and chief subjects taught there. Mention any honours of importance gained by you at schools or universities. To what extent were you educated elsewhere, taught at home, or self-taught? Was your education especially conducive to, or restrictive of habits of observation? Was it eminently conducive to health or the reverse ? What do you consider to have been peculiar merits in it? What were the chief omissions in it, and what faults of commission can you indicate ? Has the religion taught in your youth had any deterrent effect on the freedom of your researches ? Can you trace the origin of your interest in science in general and in your particular branch of it ? How far do your scientific tastes appear to have been innate ? Were they largely determined by events occurring after you reached manhood, and by what events?

Have you been married? Year in which you were married? Maiden name of your wife? Number of living sons and daughters (of all ages) ? State any facts of peculiar interest in your wife's family.