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cesses and fruitful principles. Professional duties generally, ought to be more closely bound up with strictly scientific work than they are at present ; and this requirement would tend to foster scientific tastes in minds which had little inborn tendency that way. In respect to G, the influence and encouragement of tutors, seeing how far Scotland has surpassed England in the attractiveness of her mode of teaching, which is by professorial lectures rather than by classwork, it is clear that the English system admits of being greatly improved, and the influence of her teachers proportionately increased, in turning the minds of youths to science. Lastly, as regards H, travel in distant lands, its indirect value deserves far more than the moderate sums assigned to its prosecution, in the way of starved travelling fellowships and rare voyages of surveying ships.

To sum up in a few words : it seems to me that the interpretation to be put on the replies we have now been considering, is that a love of science might be largely extended by fostering, and not thwarting, innate tendencies, by the