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extension of scientific professional appointments and. professorships, by assimilating in some cases the English system of teaching to that of the Scotch, and by creating travelling and other fellowships which shall enable their holders to view nature in various aspects, and to work with foreigners whose habits of thought are fruitful in themselves, but of a different kind to our own.

I will take this opportunity of drawing attention to what appears to me one of the greatest of desiderata of this kind in the present day, namely, the establishment of medical fellowships amply sufficient to enable the best youths, who intend to follow medicine as a profession, to spend their early manhood in prosecuting independent medical researches. I appeal to capitalists, who know not what use, free from abuse, to make of their surplus wealth, to consider this want. They might greatly improve the practical skill of the English medical profession by affording opportunities of prolonged study. They might perhaps themselves, reap some part of the benefit of it. A young