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or again, think of Ahe migratory flight of birds, in obedience to an instinct ; or of the muscular force, astonishing both in magnitude and endurance, exhibited by lunatics, who have some real though morbid passion which goads them to exercise it. We must therefore learn to respect innate tastes, which directly, as in A, or indirectly, as in c, serve the cause of science. As regards B, the fortunate accidents, we can multiply opportunities. There is great hope in respect to D, the professional influences. It is clear to all who have knowledge of the scope of modern science, that there exists an immense deal of national work which has to be performed, and which none but men of scientific culture are qualified to undertake. Scientific superintendence is required for all kinds of technical education, for statistical investigations of innumerable kinds, and deductions from them ; for sanitary administration in the broadest sense ; for agriculture, mining, industrial occupations, war, engineering. There is everywhere a demand for scientific assessors, who shall discover how to economise effort and find out new pro-