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worked hard at business all day (a very anxious business), and at evening and night would work hard at chemistry and geology. I found a wonderful relief in science." (a, c)

(7) " I believe the desire for information and habits of observation to be in a great measure innate. They were first developed by a little elementary teaching in physics and chemistry, at school, aet. 7-13. I worked alone at science at home, from the age of 11 years, where I was encouraged by the example of an elder brother. Subsequently, my pursuits were much influenced by being thrown, at an early age, cat. 19, on my own judgment and resources. I founded a mining colony in the backwoods of    and had to carry it out with several thousand people, quite alone." (a, e, h)

(8) " . . . . I was always apt to observe stones closely with regard to their qualities " [but the scientific taste for geology was not developed till after manhood]. (z)