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the mining officers a body of men receiving a regular scientific education. Lastly, to a great extent by going for a winter to . . . . [in Germany], and by conversations with . . . . and

. . ." (a, e, f )

(5) " I was always fond of natural history ; collected plants, insects, and birds, at [school] and fossils at [college], where . . . . 's lectures attracted me to geology, and subsequently, by the acquaintance of Professor    to the particular branch [of it which I have pursued]."

(a,f g)

(6) " As well as I can recollect, they were innate. I remember, as a boy of 6, seeing a spring in Lavender Hill ; not being satisfied at the explanation, and determining to work it out for myself. I believe that I should have devoted myself to chemistry and physics, but that I was started, as a youth of 19, to travel 10 months out of the twelve on business, and so continued for 20 years. This led to my visiting all Great Britain, and to great opportunities for geologising and determined me to that study. I