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Zoological Subsection.

(1) [Yes.] " Inherited from my father's family, who have generally been attached to natural history [especially botany-most remarkable examples are given]. My scientific tastes were largely determined by being appointed    " (a, d, e)

(2) " Certainly innate   Strongly confirmed and directed by the voyage in the .. .." (a, h)

(3) " Love of observation and natural history innate ; [I had them] as early as I can remember. My grandfather was very fond of natural history, and a [more distant] relative has written an excellent fauna of . . . . The help of Mr    has aided me immensely, but not, I think, altered my tendency." (a, e, f )

(4) "Homology innate, and derived from my mother. I trace the origin of my interest in science decidedly to my mother's observations in