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133   ENGLISH MEN OF SCIENCE.   [cii r.

evil, irrespective of utilitarian results, has survived, with no keen sense of the need of a dogmatic basis for the belief." 5. "Much religious bias of thought from early education." 6. " I have been the more biased towards religion, in that my father and maternal grandfather lived it and did not prate about it. I am personally only a combination of these two men in this respect ( . . . Please take the sense of what I have written, and not the words)." 7. " Religious bias of thought decided." 8. "Although firmly and thoroughly believing in Christianity, and accepting it as the guide of my life, as far as I can understand it, being also a regular attendant of the Church of England, still I cannot admit the right of that or any other Church to teach dogmatically what truths are necessary for my salvation ; and the feelings which ever cause me to resent any interference with the liberty of conscience are quite as strong in me as they were in the breast of my ancestor, when he gave up the land of his birth and property, more than 300 years ago." [My correspondent has shown marked instances of independence of character,