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original) religious bias, though this may be in part due to early training. . . I take considerable pains in the investigation of religious matters, one of my amusements being the collection of a considerable theological library, with the books of which I am familiar."

Dogmatic interest.-- I have -no more doubt about the plenary inspiration of Scripture than I have about the simplest axiom in mathematics." [I class this exceptional reply under " dogmatic interest " because the remainder of the writer's brief communication hardly suggests the dependent frame of mind that is characteristic of " piety "-e.g., " Never received or asked a single favour or a single farthing for anything I ever wrote or did."]

Religious bias.-1. " Religious bias." 2. " Of a religious bias of thought." 3. " Religious views liberal, but strongly anti-materialistic." 4. " Early religious impressions strong, but have, on the dogmatic side, quite disappeared. The belief in a permanent antithesis between good and