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11.]   QUALITIES.   133

and is descended maternally from both Flemish and French religious refugees, and paternally from an English Nonconformist, who left his country and settled in America.] 9. "It is difficult to estimate one's own peculiarities, but I believe I may credit myself with more than the usual amount of (. . . and) religious bias of thought. I have mixed and worked with Christians of most of the Protestant Churches." 10. " Strong religious feeling. My intention on entering . was to devote myself to a missionary life in China ; but my unexpected success in . . . persuaded my friends to induce me to abandon my purpose, on the ground that I might serve God better in my new sphere at home. I yielded to their arguments with great reluctance." 11. " Intensely religious ; formerly in the Evangelical sense (a tract distributor, promoter of prayermeetings, bible classes, &c.) Excessive distaste to novels and fictions in any shape." (See "Indifer•ence to dogma," p. 137.) 12. "I was brought up an ordinary member of the .. . Church, but ultimately came to the conclusion that . . . was essentially illogical. . . . I had