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106   ENGLISH MEN OF SCIENCE.   [cnir.

own hand. I spend much time, perhaps too much, in putting things straight."

3.-" I believe I am reckoned a good chairman at public meetings, and I always find that administrative and other work gravitates to

wards my hands."

4.-"My professional life is strictly methodical ; every working day is still mapped out into hours, half hours, and quarters."

Fully one half of those who state that they possess business habits in a decided degree accredit one or both of their parents with the same faculty.

Only two of my correspondents speak of being deficient in business capacities. Both these are physicists.

The following quotation may with propriety be inserted here, although the first named quality, independence, is the subject of a future chapter. " I attribute all the knowledge I have acquired, and any success I may have had, chiefly to three qualities, all of which I believe I in-