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11.]   QUALITIES.   105

to be much more common than. I had expected. Among those who have sent me returns, I count no less than seventeen who are active heads of great commercial undertakings. There are also ten medical men in the highest rank of practice, and eighteen others who fill or have filled important official posts. Here are some answers to my special inquiries :

1. - A most eminent biologist wrote as follows, in reply to the inquiry whether he had any special tastes bearing on scientific success, in addition to those for his own line of investigation:-" I have no special talent except for business, as evinced by keeping accounts, being regular in correspondence, and investing money very well." It is clear that method and order are essential to the man who hopes to deal successfully with masses of details.

2.-" I believe I may say that my organ of order is highly developed. Of my collection of some 7,000 birds' skins every one is always in its place, ticketed with name, &c., all by my