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11.]   QUALITIES.   107

herited. First, independence of judgment which prompted me to learn for myself what I wanted to know. Secondly, earnestness, determination, and perseverance in acquiring such knowledge,

often under difficulties, and in the face of routine business occupation ; and thirdly, a businesslike, practical, logical way of looking at things, which enabled me to direct attention to the important and relevant, neglecting the unimportant and irrelevant points in what I had to study and do."


Memory is very variable in power and character, perhaps no other quality is more so. It is an important ingredient in that aggregate of faculties which form general scientific ability, as is shown by the fact that about one quarter of the men on my list possess it in a high degree, but it is not an essential one, because it is defective in about one case in fourteen. A good memory is of greater importance to the young student who has much to learn, than