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II.]   QUALITIES.   99

maker's whalebone hoop, and measuring inside the hats. It appears that the average circumference of an English gentleman's head is 22-,l, to 222 inches. Now, I have only thirteen cases under 22 inches, but eight cases of 24 inches or upwards. The general scientific position of the small-headed (who are mostly slender, but not necessarily short) and large-headed men seems equally good ; but the fact is conspicuous that, out of the thirteen of the former, there are only two or three who have not remarkable energy ; and out of the eight of the latter there is only one who has. A combination of great energy and great intellectual capacity is the most effective of all conditions ; but, like the combination of swiftness and strength in muscular powers, it is very rare.


The excellence of the health of the men in my list is remarkable, considering that the majority are of middle and many of advanced ages. One quarter of them state that they