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have excellent or very good health, a second quarter have good or fair, a third have had good health since they attained manhood, and only one quarter make complaints or reservations. Here are two examples of excellent health in which some details are given :-1. " Only absent from professional duties two days in thirty years ; only two headaches in my life." The next is from a correspondent who is between 70 and 80 years of age. 2. " Never ill for more than two or three days except with neuralgia ; no surgical operations except inoculation, drawing of one tooth, and cutting of corns." 1

I may add a characteristic biographical extract from the Times, Oct. 31, 1873, relating to the late Sir Henry Holland, who was on my list :"Certain it is, as all who have fallen in with him by sea or land will attest, that he might be seen in all climates, in the Arctic Regions or the Tropics, on the Prairies or the Pyramids,

1 I read this at my lecture at the Royal Institution. It was from the pen of the geologist, Professor Phillips ; a few days afterwards, he was killed by a fall down stairs at Oxford !