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during fatigue. In mind-Energetic as far as health permits. Much occupied professionally, but when well, capable of vigorously following up the science of . . . . in leisure hours.

" Father-Energetic in body as far as his health allowed ; in mind, very energetic. His brain-work from an early age was very large in amount, and he was vigorous and sanguine about anything he undertook. Mother-Very languid ; incapable of any bodily exertion. Very little energy of mind ; too languid to take much interest in anything beyond her own family."


I may mention that energy appears to be correlated with smallness of head, a fact which is well illustrated here, although the average circumference of head among the scientific men is great. Energy is also, as we have seen, strongly marked among them ; but it is much more strongly marked among those who have small heads. I have ninety-nine returns, many of which I have verified myself, using the hat