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ii.]   QUALITIES.   89

" Father-Great energy, and very active ; capable of enduring great fatigue."

23. "Active and energetic from infancy to eighty-four years of age. In mind-I must leave my works to answer this question ; but I believe I have been a hard worker during the whole period of my existence. [N.B. No doubt of it.]

"Father-Energetic, both in body and mind muscular ; a great reader. Mother-Delicate, but active and intelligent."

24. " A strong walker and oarsman ; can write more rapidly than any man I ever met (thirty folios of seventy-two words, equal to 2160 words an hour.) In mind Have always worked long hours and very fast.

" Father-Remarkable energy and endurance, notwithstanding asthma : very hardworking as a

Mother-Physically weak, but has had a large family ; has done a great deal of original as well as of steady work."

25. " I am a hard rider with hounds, fond of mountaineering, and not easily tired.