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21. "When a boy of thirteen I walked fortyeight miles in one day, fifty the next, and about twenty the third ; when grown up, my powers were ordinary, certainly not above the average. In mind-Naturally indolent ; disinclined to work unless with a large object. [N.B. I insert this moderate statement because my correspondent adheres to it verbally, and gives facts and reasons which I cannot controvert ; nevertheless, if energy is to be measured by work actually accomplished, and if my correspondent's work be compared with that of other men, the estimate of his energy would be prodigiously increased.]

"Father-When a young man he and two brothers walked sixty miles in one clay. Much mental energy ; ready for all purposes. When old he was astonished at the amount of work in . . . . he did when young. Mother-Ordinary, both bodily and mental."

22. "Has done his chief brain-work between ten p.m. and two a.m., besides all the day labour ; rests perfectly during a night railway journey.