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" Father-An ~ active man all his life, riding every day, and always about, although over eighty."

26. "Energy shown by much activity, and, whilst I had health, power of resisting fatigue. I and one other man were alone able to fetch water for a large party of officers and men utterly prostrated [other facts given in illustration of undoubted energy.] In mindShown by vigorous and long-continued work on same subject, as twenty years on . . . and nine years on . . .

"Father-Great power of endurance, although feeling much fatigue, as after consultations after long journeys ; very active ; not restless. In mind-Habitually very active, as shown in conversation with a succession of people during the whole day."

27. "Considerable enduring power in fulfilling any given task or duty ; have dissected continually for three or four weeks eight or nine hours a day, devoting some sixteen hours to the work at critical times. In mind-Considerable.