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ai.1   QUA LITIE,S.   87

out-of-door work, lasting all day and fatiguing to the muscles'. Mother-Very industrious."

19.-" Excelled at school and college in athletic sports, especially in long jumping (18 feet). In mnind-Almost incapable of fatigue up to the age of thirty-eight. Usually engaged in literary work until long after midnight.

"Father-Remarkably active habits ; a great reader when not engaged in drawing and writing."

20. " Excellent walker ; great endurance of fatigue [facts are given.] In mind-Active mental effort all my life ; have had abundance

of active employment ; am now doing duty• as . . . . [numerous honorary offices of the first rank in importance and labour.]

"Father-Energetic, with considerable endurance ; good swimmer. In mind, he had much the same active employment as myself ; he took an active share in science, politics, and in religion. Mother-Active habits ; she had great power of doing work and carrying on business."