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rarely tired. Of mind-In early life, any amount, provided the subject was interesting."

17. "At times, great fatigue has been gone through in connection with my profession. In mind-A good deal of continued power of brainwork ; mental fatigue is a sensation not known.

"Father-Very energetic. In mind, remarkably so. Having been ruined in early life, he articled himself to a solicitor when he was thirtyfive years of age ; procured good practice, and wrote [a small technical book] on law. MotherLoved to go through much fatigue. In mind very energetic ; added greatly to the income of her family by her writings."

IS. "Active bodily work an absolute necessity of my being ; without it my epigastrium would gnaw itself into fiddle-strings. In mind-My scientific works must answer this question [they are very considerable].

"Father-Decidedly active and energetic ; used to go out fossil-hunting when it was too late to follow his occupation [which involved