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11.]   QUALITIES.   83

" Father-As a young man, an active cricketer and volunteer officer. A very earnest, active man in business, heavily engaged in it from the age of eighteen. Besides, he took an active part in town affairs and the management of many associations. Mother-A good walker, very active

in the management of her house. Although she had a very large family, and took most diligent care of them, she was always at work, collecting all manner of things, arranging, describing, corresponding, painting, copying ; she was never idle."

11. " I seem to possess the same unweariedness as my father, and find myself trotting in the streets as my father used to do.

" Father-Was very untiring ; he tells me be has ridden 100 miles in a day. He could walk up one of the North Wales hills when nearly seventy, and used to go long distances in London, passing often from a walk into a run."

12. "In early life, occasionally working the night through. Great adroitness at games ; fast runner ; got the prize for fencing at . . . On