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in . . . [partly-civilized countries.] Have rowed myself in a skiff 105 miles in twenty-one hours whilst undergraduate at . . . ; rowed in every race during my stay at the university ; rowed two years in the university crew [Oxford and Cambridge races.]

" Father-[Many examples of his energy in his

. life.] Of mind-considerable, compiling and writing on a great variety of subjects, whilst at the same time carrying on a system of . . . observations, and for years together. Mother-Energy of mind very similar to that of my father ; joining nightly in . . . observations, daily in writing or drawing . . ."

10 " Very active in business, preferring walking to the compulsory driving ; occupied fourteen or fifteen hours a day without distress ; restlessness kept under conscious restraint ; longing for adventurous travel, but hindered. Of mindI doubt whether anyone in my profession has done more work, if I may reckon the total work done in . . . &c., &c.; and I worked nearly as hard while a student.