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board a man-of-war in 18 . . did feats of agility, such as going up a rope hand over hand, which none of the midshipmen would attempt.

" Father-Great amount of quiet energy. In mind, great energy and perseverance, which 1 asted to the end of his life. Thus he had known little Greek, but studied it when an old man for the sake of his . . . researches ; also Aramaic. Mother -Active housemother."

13. " Habitually travel by night without interfering with work of any kind carried on during the day. Active habits and great power of enduring fatigue."

14. " I was in youth and early manhood bodily active, a good runner and leaper, excelling almost all my schoolfellows [the school was a large one] in both points, and a persistent walker. In mind-During the best fifty years of my life I went through a large amount of brain-work, and vigorously pursued the several interests indicated in the enumeration of my several occupations.

" Father-In bodily activity much like my

self, with the addition that he was a good