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"Father-Remarkable energy of body up to the age of thirty, as shown    Of mindRemarkable energy from early youth to his death (brought on by accident at seventy-three), when he was as actively engaged as ever in preparing for experiments [official and of a very multifarious kind]. Mother-Remarkable energy of mind in assisting her father in the preparation of his lectures, and afterwards her husband in his official correspondence and writings. After his death she wrote largely in magazines, and cat. eighty-five published " Suggestions for . . . . [certain improvements in administration]."

8. " When under twenty, have walked twenty miles before breakfast ; when about thirty-twG, walked forty-five miles ; dined and danced till two in the morning without fatigue. At the age of twenty-six, during fourteen days, was only three

hours per night in bed, and on two of the nights was up all night preparing for . . . [certain scientific work.] Fond of mountaineering."

9. "Considerable energy and power of enduring fatigue ; rough travelling on small means