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" Father-Active in field sports ; has ridden sixty miles before dinner. Abstemious. Energetic in mind. Mother-Much energy, as shown by activity and power of enduring fatigue. Great physical courage and presence of mind in danger."

5. " Remarkable for athletic exercises when at Cambridge. In early life encountered great fatigue with the army, as . . . . during the . . . . war.

" Father-Great activity and immense energy in the practice of his profession. A man of most powerful intellect."

6. " I have been and still am a strong walker, both mountaineering and deer-stalking. I never knew what it was to be tired, but, after the hardest day, was ready to start again with six hours' sleep. Although in my sixty-seventh year, I am still an indefatigable deer-stalker."

7. " Strong when young-walked many a time fifty miles a day without fatigue, and kept up five miles an hour for three or four hours.