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ii.]   QUALITIES.   79

" Father-Very considerable energy both in body and mind. Mother-Below the average in bodily energy, but remarkably active mentally."

3. " When fishing or shooting (my only occupation during the holidays) I am the whole day on my legs. Of mind-In thirteen years I examined and named some 40,000 examples, described about 7,000 species, wrote some 6,000 pages of printed matter, carrying on at the same time a great deal of correspondence.

"Father-I cannot say. Mother-Is active the whole day. At the age of sixty-three she took sole charge of my child, then but a few weeks old, nursing it for three years, night and day. Energy ~of mind equal to that of her body."

4. " Remarkable energy and activity of body, and power of enduring fatigue and going without food. Extremely fond of and an adept at all field sports. Abstemious. Of mind-Vigorous pursuit of scientific experiments and investigations, of investment and management of money, business transactions, &c.