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is ranked the Rev. Howard Hinton, a leading Baptist minister, who was a son of one of the sisters in the previous generation, and is father of a well-known aurist.

Fourth generation.-6 males and 9 females now living, and some few others who are deceased ; of these, 5 males and 1 female deserve special notice •--(1) Rev. Isaac Taylor, author of " Words and Places," of " The Family Pen," and of "Etruscan Researches ; " (2) Josiah Gilbert, author of "The Dolomite Mountains;" (3) Joseph Gilbert, F.R.S., eminent for his chemical and physiological researches in their relation to agriculture (the paternal race of Gilbert had also a marked type) ; (4) Thomas Martyn Herbert, Independent minister, scholar, and writer ; (5) Edward Gilbert Herbert, of the Chancery bar, who died young of diphtheria ; (1) Helen Taylor,

authoress of " Sabbath Bells."

WEDGEWOOD.-This family is curious for the sporadic character of its ability, as shown by the number of its members in rather distant relationships who have become distinguished.