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1.]   ANTECEDENTS.   63

The Wedgewoods must originally have been of a pure type, because the name was prevalent in the village where the great potter was born, and the bearers of it were largely inter-related, and followed the same craft. He himself married a Wedgewood, who was a third cousin, and both his father and grandfather were potters. (Meteyard's " Life.")

First generation.-Josiah Wedgewood, F.R.S., " Father of British Pottery," whose once abundant works now fetch fabulous prices.

Second generation.-3 sons and 4 daughters ; 1 son deserves notice, viz.: Thomas Wedgewood, who died young. His abilities were great ; he was an ardent experimentalist, and has some claim to rank as the first person who ever made a photograph. (See p. 7.)

Third generation, including descendants from the sisters of Josiah Wedgewood, contains:-(I) Hensleigh Wedgewood (English Dictionary and " Origin of Language ") ; (2) Charles Darwin, F.R.S. (see under Darwin) ; (3) Sir Henry Holland, Bart., M.D., F.R.S., who died subsequently to my having begun this inquiry ; (4) S. H.