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x.]   ANTECEDENTS.   61

family characteristics were strongly marked in him.

Second generation consisted of 3 males, all of whom deserve notice :-(1) Charles Taylor, a learned recluse, editor of Calmet's Bible ; (2) Rev. Isaac Taylor, author of " Scenes in Europe," &c., educated as an engraver, and far surpassing his father in ability. He married Ann Martyn, a woman of reputed genius, authoress of the " Family Mansion," and the numerous able members of the Taylor family for the two next generations sprung, with one exception, from this fortunate union ; (3) Josiah Taylor, eminent publisher of architectural works ; he made a large fortune.

Third generation. - Descendants of Isaac Taylor and Ann Martyn, 3 males and 3 females, of whom 2 males and 2 females deserve notice:-(1) Isaac Taylor, author of "Natural History of Enthusiasm;" (2) Jeffreys Taylor, author of "Ralph Richards," " Young Islanders," &c. ; (1) and (2), Ann and Jane Taylor, joint authors of "Original Poems" (Ann married the Rev. Joseph Gilbert). In this same generation