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administration in India ; (2) Henry Strachey, Thibetan explorer, gold medallist of the Royal Geographical Society ; (3) Major-General Richard Strachey, R.E., F.R.S., active administrator of Indian engineering work ; physical geographer.

TAYLORS OF ONGAR.-Numerous members of this family have shown a curious combination of restless literary talent, artistic taste, evangelical

disposition, and mechanical aptitudes. There is an interesting work published upon it, called "The Family Pen," by the Rev. Isaac Taylor, 1867 (see below in the "fourth generation"), which contains a list of 90 publications by 1.0 different members of the family, up to that time ; and there have been more publications, and at least one new writer, since.

First generation.-Isaac Taylor came to London with an artist's ambition, and ended by being a reputable engraver. He acted for many years as secretary to the Incorporated

Society of Artists of Great Britain, which was the forerunner of the Royal Academy. All the