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1.]   ANTECEDENTS.   59

Among its characteristics are an active interest in public matters, and an administrative aptitude.

There have been men of eminence in generations previous to those mentioned below.

First generation.-Sir Henry Strachey, undersecretary of state, and otherwise employed in high official posts in India, America, and England ; real negotiator of Peace of Versailles (Stanhope's "History of England ") ; received medal of Society of Arts for having introduced indigo into Florida.

Second generation.-3 males, 1 female, of whom 2 males deserve notice:-(I) Sir Henry Strachey, Indian judge, called by James Mill, in his "History of India," "the wisest of the Company's servants;" aided much in the organization of the Indian judicial administration ; (2) Edward Strachey, author of reports of acknowledged weight on Indian judicial subjects (Vth Report).

Third generation.-6 males and 1 female, of whom 3 males deserve notice:-(I) Sir John Strachey, eminent in all branches of civil