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(1) Thomas Roscoe, editor of Lanzi's " History of Painting," and author of many other works ; (2) Henry Roscoe, author of a standard book on the " Law of Evidence," of " British Lawyers," and of the Life of his father ; (3) and (4), both decidedly gifted, and authors of poems of merit ; (1) Jane Elizabeth Roscoe, a woman of superior mind, intensely interested in public affairs, writer of some poems ; (.2) Mary Anne Roscoe, authoress of poems of merit.

Third generation.-17 males, 16 females, of whom 3 males and 1 female deserve notice(1) William Caldwell Roscoe, poet and critic (memoirs and collected works by R. H. Hutton) ; (2) Henry Enfield Roscoe, F.R.S., professor, eminent chemist ; (3) William Stanley Jevons, F.R.S., professor, author of the "Coal Question," and of various works on logic and political economy : (1) Margaret Roscoe, afterwards Mrs. Sandbach, novelist.

STRACHEY.-An old family, small in numbers, but of a marked and persistent type.