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Inglis Palgrave, statistician. (The father of the three last was Sir Francis Palgrave, historian.)

HARCOURT.-Scholastic success, with much love for science.

First generation.-The Rev. Vernon Harcourt, archbishop of York ; a man of polished intellect and social gifts.

Second generation.-10 males and 3 females, of whom 4 males deserve notice:-(I) The Rev. W. Vernon Harcourt, F.R.S., chemist, the first president and one of the founders of the British Association at a time when science was partly ridiculed and partly denounced. He was the chief framer of its elaborate constitution, which is, I believe, a solitary instance of the invention of a complex administrative machinery which worked perfectly from the first, and has continued working, almost unchanged, for nearly half a century. It has served as a model upon which many other societies have organized themselves. (2) Egerton ; and (3) Edward Vernon Harcourt, both double-firsts at Oxford ; and (4) Granville Vernon Harcourt, who died